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the Page-Walker Arts & History Center

A significant part of the mission of the Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel is to serve as guardians for the structure that was the reason for our original formation. Today, this beautiful facility is owned and maintained by the Town of Cary. It serves as a popular venue for Town events and classes. It may also be reserved for private events and has been the site of many local weddings.

For additional information on the the facility and its availability, consult the Town of Cary website or contact the Page-Walker staff at (919) 460-4963.


Are you looking for a unique venue for your next event?  The historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center is a beautiful location for weddings, receptions, business meetings and social gatherings. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, large windows and fine art provide an elegant, intimate and charming setting.  The Page-Walker’s beautifully landscaped garden area is a popular site for wedding ceremonies.  To find out more, please call (919) 460-4963 or contact Theresa Dolan at theresa.dolan@townofcary.org.

TAKE A Self-Guided TOUR

You won't want to miss exploring the architecture and seeing the beautiful furniture, books, and paintings and photographs that fill the interior of the Page-Walker Arts & History Center on the first and second floors .  Be sure to spend some time in the Cary Heritage Museum on the third floor.  And when you're done inside, be sure to visit the Anne B. Kratzer Educational Gardens outside, where you'll see and learn about historic and present-day herbs and their uses.  And don't forget the pollinator garden just outside the side entrance where you'll see butterflies and bees and other pollinator insects at work.

You can pick up a copy of a walking tour brochure inside the entrance of the Page-Walker or view it online by clicking the image to the right.


Looking for internship opportunities?  The Page-Walker Arts & History Center professional staff are pleased to work with you and your faculty advisors to explore internships for credit in museum studies, history, public history and recreational or arts management.  Please contact Kris Carmichael, Page-Walker supervisor, at (919) 460-4971 or kris.carmichael@townofcary.org for more information.


Learn the role of the Page-Walker Hotel in Cary's early history, the significance of its unique architecture, and the major steps taken to save it more than 100 years after it was built. 


Click to view a video presentation that highlights the milestones and events that have taken place at the facility during its first 25 years as an arts and history center.

Click to view a video presentation  by preservationist Myrick Howard and architect Norma Burns as they describe the history of saving and re-purposing the Page-Walker and similar historic buildings.

Click to view a video slide show presentation  that introduces the past owners and occupants of the Page-Walker building.

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